How Hiring the Wrong Janitorial Co Hurts Auto Dealers Gross...
 What about your CSI Score?
 Is "Attention to detail" a Big Deal? 
 Are GUARANTEES important?
 Do you want Competitive Pricing? Quality control systems that prevent (Headaches)

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When taking bids for cleaning it is always best to consider the following before making a decision:
Are you tired of" Consistency"issues with your cleaners?
Don't Every Janitorial Co. claim to be the best... First few weeks they're Great! Then they start missing things  You call......... They're great for a few weeks. Then the cycle repeats. Sounds familiar? 
What about your CSI Score?
Is my Bonus at risk?  Dealership's Vehicle allocation?Dealership's Reputation? Could I lose my Job hiring the wrong cleaners?
Do you like Competitive Pricing?
The old adage" You get what you pay for " is a perfect example of the Cleaning Industry.  What if something gets Stolen? Do they have proper insurance?  Find out who really foots the "Worker Comp" Bill. Why Saving $13/mo could cost you thousands.....
Is "Attention to detail" a Big Deal?
Are you tired of managing your Janitorial Co.?  Imagine,walking into your "freshly"cleaned spotless dealership every day without needing to look around to see what the cleaners missed...... Wouldn't make your life soooo much better?
Are GUARANTEES important?
Should you have to pay for work that wasn't done as agreed?
Besides you're "risking" Your Job, Bonuses, 
Dealership's reputation....You deserve a GUARANTEE!
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How Hiring the Wrong Janitorial Co Hurts Auto Dealers Gross...
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